H.A. Mason (Metals) Ltd. was formed on the 7th November 1960 , by Henry Albert (Harry) Mason. Drawing on 35 years of foundry experience he bought a second hand lorry and with his three sons, Errol, Roy, and Ron he began a metal recycling business.

In 1963 the company moved to its present site in Two Woods Lane. Since then the company has developed and directed a service of resource recovery from householders, charities, schools and a myriad of businesses in the Black Country and surrounding areas. The company has sought to buy any quantity of metals, no matter how small, for processing and preparation as feedstock for metal recycling furnaces of all types in all countries of the world.

In November 2006 the business was taken over by Managing Director Andrew Jones. Having worked for the company for over 10 years his vision is to build on the qualities that have served it so well in the past whilst investing in modern equipment and employing todays technologies.

These on going investments cement Mason Metals Ltd as your first choice for scrap metal recycling within the West Midlands region. A proven track record in managing our resources for all our futures.