From December 2012 it has been illegal to pay for scrap metal with cash.  In December 2013 the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act required photographic ID and in certain cases proof of address documentation as well.

To sell scrap metal you need to provide either your photo-card driving licence (in date and showing a photo and your current address) or a valid UK Passport supported by a bank statement, council tax demand or utility bill under 3 months old.

This may sound inconvenient but to cope with these changes we have a state of the art computer system that will record your ID for future reference along with your payment details if provided.  Returning customers who supply valid driving licence and bank details are paid by Bacs transfer and the whole process takes just moments.

At Mason’s our payment options are completely free.  Sameday bacs bank transfer and cheque payments remain commission free!

Membership cards are issued to find your details quickly and efficiently but all customers can be searched and found easily in our current database of over 11000 suppliers.  Our software protects personal details which we will never share with anyone else and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

At Mason’s we understand we need to weigh, pay and get you on your way ASAP!  As soon as you pull up to the barrier we are all about serving you as safely and efficiently as possible – both in the yard and in the office.  You are issued with your legal duty of care fulfilling Waste Transfer Note which doubles as your payment receipt and then you’re out of here.  On the way to your next job safe in the knowledge your bacs transfer will soon be arriving directly into your bank account or that you have a cheque in your back pocket!

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 also requires all dealers to be licenced (including mobile collectors) and display the licence prominently on premises or vehicles.  All scrap metal dealers to keep records of receipt and disposal of metal.  Increased punishments and revocation of licences for non compliance.

Further information on the Act