Mason Metals provided props for the Aluminium Federation Dinner in 2016
Late May & early June have seen steel scrap give up the welcome gains of the previous two months. An uncertain and slightly panicky market prevails.
We have completed a fabulous year in up skilling staff. The past 12 months has seen 5 of the team complete 6 environmental qualifications. Over 25% of the work force now have state of the art qualifications in their profession.
April sees non ferrous scrap metal prices cool a little from the years highs of March. The minor retreat still leaves levels above late 2015 & early 2016.
Pretty much applicable to everyone - newly (March 16) released Government Waste duty of care guidance : code of practice.
A weekend visit from the BBC! With metal theft falling over 80% since 2012 West Midlands Police asked if they could film from our yard as an example of best practice in the industry!
Metal theft has fallen by over 80% since 2012. West Midlands Police are dealing with 60 instances a month compared with over 350 four years ago.
Good news?? Can it be? Are scrap prices for recycled metals actually going up? Well yes - however minor the increase, however temporary movement is upward.
Dudley Zoo staff recycled tonnes of scrap metal during their participation in last week's "National Go Green Week". Three loads of scrap were removed as the team also recycled paper, printer toners and cartridges.
Hazardous waste registration numbers are due to cease April 2016. As part of the ongoing government drive to reduce "redtape" these numbers will no longer be required by producers of over 500kgs of hazardous waste per year.
Positive news on the non ferrous front at last with copper and lead showing improvements on early & mid January levels.
Cluttered warehousing restricting your productivity? Moving premises and need a cost effective way of clearing unwanted fixtures & fittings, machinery or stock?
January's remaining festive sheen has quickly been erased by further worries over the Chinese economy.