We have completed a fabulous year in up skilling staff.

The past 12 months has seen 5 of the team complete 6 environmental qualifications.  Over 25% of the work force now have state of the art qualifications in their profession.

The WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training Advisory Board) qualifications are part of an ongoing process as we gain new permitting levels at Two Woods Lane - whilst providing clients with a qualified team of experts to engage with. 

Lee Bucknall, Matt Shakespeare, Luke Newey & Ben Milson have all completed WAMITAB level two diplomas in Sustainable Recycling Activities.  The 10 units cover all aspects of good environmental practice theoretically and practically.  

Lee also completed Level 4 of the qualification and is now the "Technically Competent" member of staff for the site.  Matt Shakespeare will also continue learning this year to gain the level 4 status. Neil Woodall completed (EPOC) Environmental Permitting Operators Certificate. 

"Training and continued competence have always been part of our staff plan in regard to health and safety and machinery operation.  This rapid uptake of environmental qualifications provides the business with a superb back bone of recognized industry knowledge.  I'm very proud they decided to take the opportunity to support the business and improve their own understanding" said Managing Director Andrew Jones.